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TurtleSkin's line of SnakeArmor includes lightweight/comfortable Snake Chaps & Snake Pants. Unlike other snake protection products on the market that can be bulky and uncomfortable TurtleSkin SnakeArmor products offer comfortable protection solutions. The Snake Chaps and Snake Pants feature TurtleSkin's patented SnakeArmor material which has been tested on and successfully repelled strikes from diamondback rattlesnakes. See Below for more information on these products


Snake Chaps


Snake Chaps- TurtleSkin makes 2 types of protective Snake Chaps the Total Protection Chaps and the Below the Knee Chaps. 

Total Protection Chaps offer protection from the ankles up to the thighs. These are some of the lightest Snake Chaps on the market as they are made from 100% woven textiles. Not only do they provide excellent protection against rattlesnakes, copperheads, and cottonmouths, but they also hold up against heavy brush or briars. The SnakeArmor material used for the Snake Chaps also provides wind and water resistance. They are perfect a perfect hunting gear option for all seasons.

Below the Knee Chaps- Looking like a full set of Snake Chaps the Below the Knee Chaps feature our protective SnakeArmor system from the knee down to ankle. These are also super lightweight and much more comfortable than other snake protective options. These Snake Chaps are also great for all seasons with their wind and water resistance.

Snake Pants- TurtleSkin's Snake Pants are a comfortable hiking or hunting solution. Available in khaki or sage the Snake Pants feature TurtleSkin's protective SnakeArmor material built in from the knee down. Protect yourself from venomous snakebites, brush, and thorns. TurtleSkin's Snake Pants are a durable solution designed to hold up for multiple hunting seasons.

Be sure to read testimonials below from our customers that have worn our Snake Chaps, Snake Pants, and other products. Hear stories from those who have been wearing our Snake Chaps and have been struck by a rattlesnake. The Snake Chaps preventing the snakebite and a potential trip to the hospital.


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