Case Study: TurtleSkin Needle Resistant Gloves

Case Study on Medline ReNewal

Needle Resistant Gloves

In the spring of 2018, TurtleSkin was contacted by Medline ReNewal. Medline was looking for needle resistant gloves that could protect their workers from hypodermic needles and other sharp threats. They were also looking for something thin, dexterous, and that would fit nicely under a disposable nitrile glove.

In Medline’s application workers are sorting through incoming bins of used SUD’s (Single Use Devices) and keep approved devices that can be reprocessed for another single use. The major hazard  Medline was coming across is that mixed in with the SUD’s are hypodermic needles, sutures, and scalpels. Workers at Medline were suffering needle sticks and other hand injuries.

TurtleSkin’s Needle Protective Solution

TurtleSkin’s solution was to offer our CP Insider 330 gloves. The CP Insider was a perfect fit as it slides easily under a nitrile rubber glove and once broken in offers excellent dexterity. The Insider 330 features TurtleSkin’s patented protection on the palm side of the hands, fingers, and the protection wraps around the fingertips. The patented CP protection provides resistance against hypodermic needles, broken glass, sharp tools (such as a scalpel), and other threats.

Effect on Workplace Safety

After sampling and trialing our CP Insider gloves Medline implemented our products into their PPE protocol. They also added additional protection to their staff’s arms and wrists by using our PalmMaster cut and puncture resistant Turtleskin Sleeves. “The TurtleSkin products we have implemented have completely reduced the amount of pokes and cuts we have always had in the past. Since adding the gloves and arm guards we are 100% needle stick free, we used to average about 1 a month!”, says Dominic Gates, Production Supervisor for Medline ReNewal.

During the process of trialing the CP Insiders Medline even discovered that washing and laundering the gloves helps speed up the break in time time for a new pair of gloves. TurtleSkin was also able to help provide them tips and techniques to break in the gloves for the best comfort.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are in the need for needle or puncture protection. Our TurtleSkin Sales Team would be more than happy to learn about your application and identify possible PPE solutions, as we did for Medline


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