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An ultimate dexterity glove, a perfect cut and puncture resistant liner glove.


TurtleSkin's Most Versatile Dexterity Glove -- Slips Inside Any Glove

TurtleSkin CP Insider 300 is a high performance dexterity glove that is great for tasks that involve small parts handling and fine motor skills. This cut and puncture liner glove is designed to be used by itself or under a cover glove. Its lightweight nylon shell slips easily inside nitrile gloves, chemical barrier gloves, impact or vibration gloves. The CP Insider 300 can be used for fish handling, housekeeping, medical laundry and other tasks demanding both high dexterity and protection. The palm side of the glove features our patented CP protective material that resists cut and punctures. With the CP Insider system, now any glove can include cut and puncture protection without compromising comfort or dexterity. These gloves are very breathable and comfortable. Because of the thinness of the technology, they maintain comfort even with an additional cover glove. 

They come in sizes S through XL.

 Glove Protection Coverage Area - Palm

 ANSI 105 2016 Abrasion Level L6 (Highest)
ANSI 105 2016 Cut Resistance Level  A5
ASTM F3 2878-10 Hypodermic needle Puncture 25 gauge  > 0.75 lbf
ASTM F3 2878-10 Hypodermic needle Puncture 28 gauge  > 0.5 lbf
ASTM F1342 Small Nail Puncture Level  Low (>20 newtons)
ANSI 105 2016 Large Nail Puncture Level  > 10 lbf
ASTM 1342mod #10 Scalpel Puncture  >1 lbf
 CE EN388 Abrasion Level  4 (Highest)
CE EN388 Cut Level  4
CE EN388 Puncture Level  2
CE EN388 Tear Level  4 (Highest)


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