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The TurtleSkin Glove Line offers a broad range of products for your applications. We have created product groups to help you navigate all the options.

There are 2 types of product groupings: "Safety Products by Type" and "Safety Products by Application." For types you will see kinds of products, such as "all leather", "mechanics", "general purpose", etc. For applications, you will see job types like "custodial", "food service", "healthcare", etc.

Just browse the groups and click on the links to get expert advice on how to match the best safety products to your needs.

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  • TurtleSkin Delta Gloves

    TurtleSkin uses patented technologies to provide the best protection available from needle puncture and cut. Delta is the newest addition to the TurtleSkin line, it has the same great protection as our most popular models, Alpha and Bravo, but it is designed to look like a traditional police leather gloves.  The all leather shell provides a snug fit for comfort and tactile sensitivity with a cut and puncture resistant liner for law enforcement searches and pat downs.

    This glove is the perfect for officers in need of protection from needles and other sharps in a search glove with great dexterity which looks like a traditional police leather gloves. The hazards facing law enforcement during searches and pat downs has increased with the spread of IV drug use and TurtleSkin has introduced Delta as the answer to the cut and puncture protective needs for all officers.

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  • TurtleSkin Search Gloves

    TurtleSkin Leather Search Gloves provide the maximum amount of protection from cut and puncture during extreme searches. Learn More

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