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High Performance Needle Resistant Gloves

Needle Resistant Gloves

TurtleSkin is a leading manufacturer of needle resistant gloves. Our gloves provide workers in high risk environments protection against a life altering needlestick injury. Our line of safety gloves include options for healthcare, waste/recycling services, custodial work, construction, and many more applications. TurtleSkin has been solving customers PPE and needle resistant glove needs for many years.

TurtleSkin gloves specialize in hypodermic needle protection, but also are reliable against nails, jagged glass, splinters, sharp tools, and other threats. TurtleSkin’s patented needle resistant glove material is a step above the competition. Read below the case study on how TurtleSkin solved and eliminated a customer’s needlestick injuries.

Case Study: Needle Resistant Gloves

TurtleSkin Fabric

TurtleSkin fabric is made from high performance yarns that are tightly woven and the fabric features high density yarn end counts. This construction makes it very difficult for needles (or other fine penetrators) to find gaps in the fabric and penetrate through. We’ve found that for the best flexibility choosing one of our single ply options is the way to go. When broken in thoroughly our single ply gloves offer great dexterity while still offering reliable cut and puncture performance.

For applications with higher risks, have large exposure to sharps, and where dexterity is less of a priority TurtleSkin has solutions. By using multiple layers of our fabric we find we can achieve some great puncture performance. Our CP 500 Series Gloves can withstand over 700 grams of force from a 28 gauge needle! This broad range of needle resistant glove options work great for medical waste applications, custodial work, and waste management jobs

TurtleSkin Needle Resistant Fabric


Needle Resistant Gloves

Additional Info

  • Cut and Puncture Protection - TurtleSkin offers cut and puncture resistant PPE options that are flexible, lightweight, and comfortable. The CP 300 Series offers a thin single ply solution for needle resistant gloves. TurtleSkin also offers safety gloves that feature multiple plies of protective materials. These more advanced options are great for high risk jobs that only require simple motor skills.


  • Thin and Very Protective - Less than the thickness of three sheets of paper, the materials in TurtleSkin Gloves give you the protection you need without sacrificing your flexibility, sensitivity, or comfort. The lightweight textile design of the protective sleeves and aprons offers a comfortable PPE solution and does not cause fatigue.


  • Keeps You Safe - TurtleSkin Products protect you against threats from nails, wire, glass fragments, metal shards, wood splinters & all types of needles.



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