Cut Resistant Sleeves with Puncture Protection


CP Sleeve

  • Cut Resistant Sleeve for meat cutting & food processing  
  • Provide protection against blades, serrated knives, and knife tips
  • Made with food safe materials and can be disinfected with bleach for repeated use
  • Also feature puncture protection, versatile PPE for any industry
  • Available in 9", 11", and 17" options
  • One size fits all as it includes adjustable snaps

Cut Resistant Sleeves

TurtleSkin Sleeve with PalmMaster

  • Cut/puncture protection against needles, splinters, and other threats
  • Woven aramid textile design is lightweight and comfortable
  • Ceramic coated outside is durable to absorb wear and tear
  • Machine washable
  • Velcro Closure- can be adjusted to fit different sized people

Cut & Puncture Resistant Sleeves

Sleeve Plus

TurtleSkin's Sleeve Plus is one of our most popular safety products. Many of our customers like that the Sleeve Plus features additional cut and puncture protection that extends to the back of the hand. When paired with one of our glove options this provides excellent protection for high risk jobs. These cut resistant sleeves feature TurtleSkin's patented PalmMaster material that provides advanced puncture protection against needles, glass, splinters, sharp tools, and much more. The outside of the sleeves feature a ceramic coating that provides excellent abrasion performance and provides durability.

Sleeve Plus

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