Advanced Puncture Protection

TurtleSkin Gloves: Advanced Cut and Puncture Protection for Hand Safety Programs

TurtleSkin PalmMaster and CP materials are unique patented materials for hand safety. These super high cover woven materials have fantastic cut and puncture resistance. Our advanced cut and puncture protection options offer some of the highest protection levels on the safety market. Many of our solutions offer ANSI level 5 puncture protection and can withstand over 700 grams of force from a 28 gauge needle. Here are some of our highest protective options:

CP Secure 560

Advanced Puncture Protection

CP Grip, Insider, Wrap 500 Series & 450 Models

CP 550

CP Models

CP Insider

  • Liner glove option
  • Fits great under a disposable nitrile glove or preferred work glove shell
  • good work waste handling, janitorial work, healthcare, and much more

CP Wrap

  • PU coated on palm side of hands
  • excellent grip and abrasion
  • good for glass handling and waste handing jobs

CP Grip

  • TPU laminate on the palm side of the hand
  • breathable work glove with good grip performance
  • Also can be used with a cover glove when needed

For the MultiGuard, CP Secure 560, and CP 550/450 models we ask that you get in touch with our sales team before purchasing them. Since these glove solutions offer maximum protection and high coverage the dexterity is limited. We usually recommend that these gloves are used for high risk applications that require very simple motor skills. These do not work well for applications where very fine motor skills are required and the handling of small objects is involved. Please give us a call 603-291-1000 or send us an email to discuss these options with a sales rep.

Here are some examples that require advanced hand protection:

  • Sharps handling in healthcare
  • Waste sorting
  • Glass handling
  • Recycling
  • Cutting operations
  • Wire handling
  • Sheet metal handling
  • Meat Cutting and de-boning
  • Animal handling


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