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Industrial Gauntlet Gloves & Extended Protection Options

Gauntlet Gloves

Extended Coverage Gloves for Hand Safety-In addition to advanced multi ply protection some applications expose your team to hand injury off the palm of the hand. TurtleSkin extended coverage gloves are unique. They provide both cut and puncture on all parts of the hand. You can select just the right levels and areas of coverage for your hand safety program. TurtleSkin's extended protection options are great construction gloves and great for other applications that have high injury rates on the back of the hands. The FullCoverage PM 360 and CP Secure gloves provide full hand protection against threats like needles, glass shards, nails, and sharp tools.

There are many applications that have industrial and construction gloves exposed to high abrasion, heat and chemical conditions. We offer extended protection options  with a range of shell types.

  • CPSecure- series with full leather shells with box finger construction are great for abrasion
  • CP Shift- has the popular leather gun cut shell, also know as a riggers glove
  • CP Chem gloves have a full dip 15mil nitrile shell
  • CP Heat gloves have a heavy insulating terry cloth shell for insulation
  • Full Coverage line can be worn alone or with your preferred shell
  • CP Insider, Wrap, and Grip 350 models (see below)

CP Insider 350

Extended Hand Protections

  • Liner glove option that offers front & back of the hand protection (some areas on sides of hand/fingers not protected)
  • Fits great under a disposable nitrile glove or preferred work glove shell
  • Great solution for janitorial and waste handling applications
  • Dexterous option when broken in


CP Wrap 350

Coated Gloves

  • Cut and Puncture protection on both sides of the hand
  • PU coated offering excellent grip and durability
  • Great for handlng glass or anything wet/slippery
  • A solution to consider for waste and recycling sorting

CP Grip 350

CP Grip 350

  • Light nylon glove shell offers some breathability
  • TPU laminate on palm offers good abrasion and grip performance
  • Features TurtleSkin's CP protection on front & back of the hand
  • Can withstand over 300 grams of force from a 28 gauge needle

Case Study: Needle Resistant Gloves

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