Law Enforcement Gear

 TurtleSkin Law Enforcement Gear

Law Enforcement Gear

TurtleSkin's line of of Law Enforcement Gear is designed to provide police, corrections and security personnel essential protection they need. The product line includes the following:

Police Gloves

  • Designed to protect officers from hypodermic needles and other sharp threats durring a pat-down or search
  • Protection against 28 and 25 gauge needles
  • Flexible and comfortbale
  • Variety-offered in 9 different models including leather, advanced puncture, and slash resistant

 Limber Slash Armor

  • Available in T-shirt or Polo
  • 3 Ply option provides up to 80 Newtons of slash protection and is HOSDB certified
  • Lightweight and comfortable protection
  • A great compliment of protection to wear for police, corrections, or security personnel

BladeTect Shirts

  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Designed to protect against blades and sharp cuts
  • A conceable solution for police, corrections, or security personnel



New ASTM Police Glove Standard

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  • TurtleSkin Alpha Gloves

    TurtleSkin Alpha gloves provide excellent cut and puncture protection, one of the best police gloves for searches and pat-downs. Learn More
  • TurtleSkin Delta Gloves

    TurtleSkin uses patented technologies to provide the best protection available from needle puncture and cut. Delta is the newest addition to the TurtleSkin line, it has the same great protection as our most popular models, Alpha and Bravo, but it is designed to look like a traditional police leather gloves.  The all leather shell provides a snug fit for comfort and tactile sensitivity with a cut and puncture resistant liner for law enforcement searches and pat downs.

    This glove is the perfect for officers in need of protection from needles and other sharps in a search glove with great dexterity which looks like a traditional police leather gloves. The hazards facing law enforcement during searches and pat downs has increased with the spread of IV drug use and TurtleSkin has introduced Delta as the answer to the cut and puncture protective needs for all officers.

    Learn More

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