Cut Resistant Sleeves with Puncture Protection

TurtleSkin makes 2 types of protective sleeves, the CP Sleeve and the "classic" TurtleSkin Sleeve with PalmMaster. These cut resistant Sleevs are designed to provide advanced protection. The protective Sleeve also features puncture protectionthat is able to stop threats such as hypodermic needles, glass shards, metal edges, or sharp tools. The lightweight TurtleSkin technology is a comfortable PPE solution for all day wear and the Sleeve is available in a few different lengths ranging from 9” to 17”. Sold individually.

CP Sleeve

Cut Resistant Sleeve for meat cutting & food processing  

Provide protection against blades, serrated knives, and knife tips

Made with food safe materials and can be disinfected with bleach for repeated use

Also feature puncture protection, versatile PPE for any industry


TurtleSkin Sleeve with PalmMaster

Cut/puncture protection against needles, splinters, and other threats

Woven aramid textile design is lightweight and comfortable

Ceramic coated outside is durable to absorb wear and tear

Machine washable

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5 Item(s)

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