CP WorkPro

Durable Puncture Resistant Gloves

Puncture Resistant Gloves

A New Work Glove Solution!

TurtleSkin is excited to announce the release of our newest puncture resistant gloves, the CP WorkPro 330! The WorkPro gloves are filling a need in the TurtleSkin Glove line by offering a combination of protection and dexterity as a leather work glove. The durable leather shell makes the WorkPro a reliable work glove to consider for many industrial safety applications. The WorkPro has a stretch knit material on the back of the hands that provides a comfortable fit and some breathability. These are cut and puncture resistant gloves you can leave on your hands for a long day of work.

CP Means "Cut & Puncture"

The WorkPro offers TurtleSkin’s 330 level of protection. This means it features a single ply of TurtleSkin’s CP fabric on the palm side of the hands, fingers, and the protection wraps around the fingertips. The 330 single ply of protection allows for good comfort/dexterity and has a quick break in period. The patented woven CP fabric provides excellent protection against needles, glass, splinters, and sharp cutting tools.

Protection Area

Versatile Work Glove

The CP WorkPro wasn’t designed for any specific end use. Like many other TurtleSkin gloves, the CP WorkPro is a versatile work glove that can serve many applications. These work great for jobs where workers may handle or sort through trash, protecting against broken glass and potentially discarded needles. The WorkPro’s are ideal for construction jobs where workers are handling lumber (splinters) and using sharp tools (nails, saws, box cutters).The durable leather shell is designed to absorb some “wear and tear”, so they work great for rigorous work. The WorkPro puncture resistant gloves will provide safety managers peace of mind that their staff is protected against needles and other sharps.

If you have any questions on TurtleSkin’s newest glove please do not hesitate to contact us. We can provide you information on pricing and availability. Our sales team can also help you with product recommendations and determine which of gloves would be a fit for your application.


Puncture Resistant Gloves