Dog Hunting Vest & Neck Protection

TurtleSkin's newest products featuring SnakeArmor technology are the Dog Hunting Vest & Neck Piece (DogArmor). These products are designed to provide snakebite protection for your loyal gun dog against venomous snakes. These DogArmor products will also protect your dogs from injuries or irriatation caused by sticks/brush when hunting in a heavily wooded area. The durable SnakeArmor material will hold up for many hunting seasons providing excellent protection for your four legged friends.

The new dog vest is available in blaze orange for those looking for a dog hunting vest during hunting season, but also comes in traditonal SnakeArmor khaki, sage, and camo options. The Neck Piece is a perfect add on to the dog vest for providing snakebite protection for your dog's vital areas. The Neck Piece also is great extra protection against brush and sticks when upland hunting.


Sizing Instructions for Dog Hunting Vest

Step 1

When selecting a SnakeArmor Dog Hunting Vest you first want to determine if you should select a Regular or Broad Chested Vest. This should be determined by the breed of your dog. Examples of Regular chested dog breeds are: Labs, Pointers, and Golden Retrievers. Examples of Broad chested dog breeds are: Pit Bulls, Boxers and Mastiffs

Dog Hunting Vest

Dog Hunting Vest Chart

Step 2

Once you detetmine if your dog falls under a regular or broad chested dog hunting vest you want to measure your dog's girth. The girth is the circumference around your dog near their chest area right behind their front paws. The illustration on the sizing chart below will direct you where to measure. Based on the girth measurement of you dog go to the chart below to see what recommend size you should choose based on the measurement. When selecting the additional Neck Piece measure your dog's neck circumference and also see the chart below for recommended size.




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