Puncture Resistant Gloves for the Waste Industry

In many waste and recycling applications workers face many dangerous threats that can cause serious hand injuries. Whether you are belt sorting, reaching into a recycling bin, or even collecting garbage bags in a neighborhood, a big concern to many safety managers and supervisors is exposure to hypodermic needles. To combat these hazardous threats, TurtleSkin offers puncture resistant gloves that can protect against needles. TurtleSkin's line of Safety Gloves offers a wide array of options to protect against whatever threat you may face. We have some recommendations to help improve hand safety for workers in recycling and waste handling.

 CP Wrap Gloves

Our CP Wrap gloves are our "go to gloves" for recycling applications. The CP Wrap gloves are available in different coverage areas of protection and come in different cut/puncture levels. For dexterity and comfort, our CP Wrap 300 and 330 models seem to work the best while still offering good needle protection. These puncture resistant gloves focus on high risk areas, such as the palm side of the hands and fingertips, for protection. Once broken in thoroughly, the CP Wrap 300 series offers great dexterity and flexibility. In addition to offering excellent needle protection,  these gloves also protect against glass slivers, metals edges, and other sharp threats that can cause serious hand injuries. The PU coating on the palms will help with durability and gripping wet or oily services.

Recycling Gloves


CP Insiders: Liner Puncture Resistant Gloves

Another PPE solution to consider for waste and recycling jobs is our CP Insider gloves. These are liner gloves designed to be worn under a disposable nitrile glove or can even be worn under your preferred work shell. Since the waste industry deals with a lot of slime and grime wearing a disposable that you can toss away after a day's work is a good solution to consider. Like the CP Wrap family of gloves , the CP Insider gloves are also available in a few different coverage areas and protection levels. For high risk applications that require simple motor skills our CP Insider 500 series can resist over 700 grams of force from a 28 gauge needle and have A8 ANSI cut performance. Our most popular glove of our entire glove line is the CP Insider 330 model which is great for applications requiring flexibility and dexterity, but still offering quality puncture protection against sharps.

Puncture Resistant Liner Gloves

Mechanic Style Options for Drivers

TurtleSkin offers many styles of cut and puncture resistant gloves. We do make some mechanic style gloves that are very comfortable, but still offer cut and puncture protection. These options are ideal for garbage truck drivers to wear on their route. They offer comfort so drivers can leave the gloves on their hand when driving. They also offer needle protection, so if they need to get out of the truck to throw a bag in or push a bag that is stuck their hands are protected. Most of our mechanic style gloves focus on providing the palm side of the hands and fingers with protection. Check out some of these great mechanic glove options.

Mechanics Gloves


As you see TurtleSkin offers plenty of options for the waste and recycling industry. Your hands will be protected from needles, glass, sharp metals, and so many other sharp threats. Please don't hesitate to contact a TurtleSkin representative if you need help with glove recommendations or to discuss getting samples.

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