Thanks again for a great product.

"Last Tuesday...about mid-day, my friend Don and I were walking cross-country through rugged Everglades back country in Florida's Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve near Everglades City. In some places, the grass was about thigh high and we were high-stepping it through some pretty snaky looking places. We remembered a snake expert's advice "Just watch where you step." Well, in thigh-high grass, there's no seeing where your feet are landing. We came to a small, grassy clearing near some pine trees and paused for a while. I heard a slight sound like air escaping, and happened to look down to see in front of me about a three-and-a-half foot hissing diamondback in the grass, coiled and ready for action. A lot of thoughts went through my mind in that instant--was I in range, and so forth. But the overriding thought in my mind during that split-second was "Thank God for my snake leggings." I was wearing your SnakeArmor snake gaiters. I moved safely out of range, video-ed the snake, then we went on our way. The adrenalin was sure pumping for the next few minutes as we continued our walk through diamondback country. My friend, Don, also wore a pair of your leggings, and we were sure glad to have them on. I've said many times, even if my leggings never deflect a snake's fangs, I feel safer with each step, and that feeling of increased safety is priceless. Thanks again for a great product."

Reid Tillery, Author of Surviving the Wilds of Florida

"Good morning, it was a pleasure to meet you yesterday...I was glad to be able to thank you in person for the quality product you provided in my TurtleSkin snake gaiters. I bought them about 4 years ago, replacing another brand of much heavier cordura type gaiters. I was attracted to your much lighter product as I live and spend time outdoors in one of the hottest places in America, Bullhead City, Arizona. Our snake season is very long and the temps can be brutal during any time of it. The first spring after my purchase of your snake gaiters I was hunting spring turkey in a hunt unit near Seligman, AZ. I had noticed several snakes out during scouting trips and put on my gaiters as a matter of course on opening morning. Just after day break I was making a move on a gobbling turkey, hurrying up a ridge to get ahead of him when I felt a thump on my leg just above the ankle, I glanced down and realized I had been struck by a rattlesnake. It did not rattle just struck and remained in an aggressive posture as I backed off and hurried on. I stopped out of reach and checked my leg and was very grateful to only notice a small wet spot on the outside of the gaiters and no wound or other evidence on the inside or on me. I believe the snake was a mohave green common to some parts of arizona and I understand they have a neurotoxin rather than the more well known hemo-toxins of the diamondbacks. In previous encounters with these snakes they have been very aggressive but this was my first experience with an actual snake strike. Again I appreciate having a product that worked, and that is a pleasure to use. My gaiters get at least 40 days of use a season and the zippers and cords function like new and the fabric does not yet show signs of wear or other break down. I expect to use them for many years to come." - Bob Baird

"These are the best chaps money can buy. I am a photographer at So I'm an active gal. I am a cancer survivor so dying by snake bite is not an option. I love working with deadly snakes. Taking bug pictures I find myself on the ground, with all sorts of biting things. I enjoy picking blackberries. For blackberries, you have to protect yourself from thorns and snakes. I can run in these chaps, they are light as a feather. These are most comfortable chaps I ever bought. I'll be a sales woman for this brand anytime. Simply the best." - Kathleen Chute, photographer

"On September 13, 2014 I was bitten by a large timber rattlesnake and was hospitalized for a week. 12 vials of anti-venom later after enduring a terrible amount of pain and pain killers, I was released. I make my living walking wetland boundary lines as I am a Wetland Consultant. I'll never go into the woods again without my SnakeArmor!The most comfortable snake protection currently on the market!"
-Dana Sanders Sr., Wetland Consultant
"I wear [SnakeArmor Chaps] everyday and am impressed with how light weight they are. I have run into 2 more snakes since I have received them. The snakes have sounded off before I have stepped too close to them to be hit, but I can tell you this, it is very, very good peace of mind to be wearing the chaps.
Timothy DeGroff, Owner of High Prairie Farms Flushing Spaniels
"Even though it falls well within the scope of "other duties as assigned," no one from our staff could be sold on the prospect of purposely testing these chaps on live, venomous snakes. We were more than happy to take the folks at Warwick Mills for their word which states that "TurtleSkin SnakeArmor has been tested with live rattlesnakes, successfully repelling both their strikes and venom." This is good enough for us and surely it is for you too. SnakeArmor is constructed of a weave of high strength ballistic fibers, creating an impenetrable barrier from the likes of fangs and thorns as well as wind and water. While one would assume that such protection would come at the cost of weight and comfort that is not the case. One of our testers had the following to say about the use of the chaps in the field, 'They don't feel bulky or heavy...they are easy to walk in without feeling like you have to drag them along. They give you the confidence to walk through dense cover without worrying about burrs, thorns and snakes."
-Montana Sporting Journal
" I live in the Northeastern part of North Carolina very near the Roanoke River basin. In the area I frequent our most common poisonous snakes are the copperhead and the cottonmouth moccasin, both snakes are known to be unpredictable and dangerous. The season for a potential encounter with a snake can run from mid March to the end of November.  For years I wore snake boots (18" high) for protection and never felt really comfortable about my feet and legs. Eight years ago a good friend recommended TurtleSkin Snake Chaps. I took his advice and purchased a pair. I have no regrets. They have stood up to swamps, thickets, briars, cut overs, and anything I have gone through. In season I wear them hours at a time three to five days a week.  For peace of mind outdoors there is no choice in my opinion but TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Chaps."
-Charles Whitehead
"I have been an upland bird hunter for over 50 years and have tried a wide variety of boots, gaiters and chaps. Most recently I purchased a pair of SnakeArmor Total Protection Chaps that I have worn over the last 2 hunting seasons, primarily in South Texas. Not only have I been completely confident in the snake protection provided by the Chaps, but no other product has come close to TurtleSkin's superior protection against a wide variety of thorny plants and cactus in South Texas - no penetration to date. I also appreciate the Chaps light weight and water resistance, both features exactly as advertised."
Gary L. Kerely