TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Saves The Day

Total Protection Snake Chaps Testimonial

Like many outdoorsmen and women, I spend lots of time hunting, fishing and working in rattlesnake country. My friends and I usually run across a handful of rattlers each year without any serious, close calls. That changed this year.

I was invited on a quail hunt on a friends South Texas ranch (near Cotulla), not because of my charming personality, but because of my bird dogs and retriever.

We were walking through an open pasture, watching my English Setters work their magic as we have done for decades. It was a comfortable 74 degree sunny day in late February.

We were enjoying the dogs working until I took a step over a basketball size bush and noticed a large Diamondback rattler moving into a coiled position directly under me. As I jumped back and yelled “snake”, the rattler struck me ABOVE my snake boots and on my left knee. It felt like a punch from a grown man’s fist into my knee. I drew my pistol and shot the snake and one of my buddies ran over and shot it again.

Snake Chaps

All five of the guys I was hunting with came running over asking if I was ok. Some of them actually saw the strike to my knee.  I was pretty shaken up trying to keep my composure and in between colorful language I said, “I’m totally fine because I’m wearing my TurtleSkin Chaps!” The Total Protection Chaps saved our trip and prevented a trip to the hospital (the nearest hospital was 45 miles away). You could see two wet spots of venom on my chaps where the snake had struck.

Our hunt was over for the day as I was the only one with TurtleSkin Chaps. We went back to camp and everyone called their wife and friends and the story quickly spread.

I called my nephew who is an E.R. Doctor and told him the story. He said whatever we’ve spent on snake boots, chaps and quail hunting is nothing compared to the cost of antivenom called CroFab. The first dose of 6 vials of CroFab is $30,000 and it sometimes takes two doses!

The lesson here is an obvious one. If I had not worn my TurtleSkin Chaps, I’d very likely have a long stay in the hospital along with a large bill and possible permanent damage. I’m now a lifelong supporter of TurtleSkin SnakeArmor. I won’t go out in the field without them.

I’m thankful for the research TurtleSkin has done and for the proven effectiveness of their products. They’re lightweight and comfortable. I’ll be getting another pair so I’ll always have an extra set.

-Will Deaton, 4 Amigos Ranch

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